Overwhelmed with HEDIS codes submission and gap reports?

If you are on this page, you know that your bonuses and even your participation in Medicare Advantage plans is dependent on your STAR ratings. To keep your STAR ratings high, you have to keep up with daily HEDIS codes submission and timely address the gaps in your STAR ratings reports. We have trained associates and well-designed processes which can take that load off you and your staff. The cost for these services easily pays for itself from the bonuses that you receive.

Click here  to see the 2018 Medicare Star ratings measures (I have attached the pdf). Services we offer: HEDIS codes submission

Address STAR Ratings gaps:

  • Breast cancer screening,
  • Colorectal cancer screening,
  • Adult BMI assessment,
  • Care of Older Adults: medication review
  • Care of Older Adults : functional status assessment,
  • Care of Older Adults: pain screening,
  • Osteoporosis management in women with fractures,
  • Controlling BP,RA management with DMARD,
  • Medication reconcilitation post-discharge,
  • Diabetes care-A1c<9%
  • ,Diabetes care-eye exam,
  • Diabetes care-kidney disease monitoring
  • Statin use in diabetes
  • Medication adherence:oral diabetes medications,
  • Medication adherence :ACE/ARB
  • Medication adherence : statins