Clinical Info Solutions provides medical transcription and information management services to hospitals, integrated healthcare facility networks, medical clinics and physicians as per AAMT guidelines with complete customer satisfaction, high accuracy, and fastest turnaround. We utilize state-of-the-art infrastructure, dictation platform, well-qualified and experienced transcriptions, and high-end software technologies to provide end-to-end solutions for transcription requirements. Our clients can log in securely on our website to instantly download their secure reports or upload their audio dictation files

Clinical Info Solutions’ medical transcription service is a full-service solution. We guarantee the quality of greater than 98.5%, along with turnaround time not in excess of 24 hours. Our pride is the quality and efficiency of which we serve our clients. We strive to improve your staff’s performance so that you and your staff can focus on providing unsurpassed patient care.

We have dedicated a substantial amount of resources to ensure your medical transcription needs are met on a daily basis. From having the ability to use either a handheld digital recorder or an 800-number to providing a fully-integrated website to retrieve and view your files anytime, anywhere, Clinical Info Solutions strives to ensure ease and efficiency are the cornerstones in managing your end-to-end transcription workflow.