UNIK is Clinical Info Solutions’ new web-based complete Medical Billing Software. UNIK Medical Practice Management Software is free of charge to our clients!

Some of the many features of UNIK Practice Management Software are:

  • Web-based software and can be accessed from any internet browser,/li>
  • Increases efficiency by maximizing performance throughout the physicians practice
  • Flexible appointment scheduler which can be used for multiple locations and multiple providers
  • Automatic insurance eligibility check and electronic remittance advice (ERA) integration
  • Reduce manual data entry
  • Multiple levels of access for employees
  • Increased security levels
  • State of the art dashboard which allows the administrator to see an overview at a glance
  • Simplifies office administration tasks
  • Complete medical billing reports
  • And much more!
  • Unik Practice is a custom medical practice management software and billing SaaS application that offers a secure web-based provider portal as well as a custom billing workflow for the Clinical Info Solutions medical billing team.The security of our data and our clients’ data is our top priority, “By partnering with an independently HIPAA audited data center like Online Tech, we are confident that our hosting meets all HIPAA requirements and our data is safe and secure.”

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