This is a process wherein patient information is collected from the patient at the time of entry at the practice. When a patient comes for the first time to a practice they will need to fill a registration form which will consists of the patients personal information and medical insurance details, without this information it is not possible to create a chart for the patient or either will we be able to submit a claim to the insurance carrier.

This would include Patient’s Name, Present Address, City, State, Zip Code, Social Security Number, Employer Details, Insurance Details like Primary, Secondary and Tertiary, and guarantor information.

How we offer our clients Patient Demographics functionality:

  • Ability to work on scanned images as well as Electronically Submitted Demographic Sheets.
  • Ability to accurately process insurance Information (selecting appropriate insurance details).
  • Our people access the information via the Server (or directly from Software Screen as the case may be) and enter information directly into the client software.