When the initial procedure of registration of patients is completed, the treatment is carried out. Based on the doctor’s medical impressions and the indications in the super-bill, the coding of procedure and diagnosis codes are done by the coder. Based on the procedure and diagnosis codes coded by the coder, the charge entry is done for the treatment rendered to the patient and the claim is submitted to the insurance carrier for payment.

This would include entering details like Date of Service, Referring Physician, Ordering Physician, Place of Service, Type of Service, CPT Codes, ICD Codes, Modifiers, Authorization or Referral Details and Co-pay Details.

How we offer our clients Charge Entry functionality:

  • We process charges for all specialties with good appropriate state and specialty rules.
  • We have the ability to put in place Effective Charge Control Measures including Hash-Total Matching or Software based Batch Control.
  • We perform internal Quality Assurance at different Levels to provide the high quality output.