Medical Billing Services – Complete Medical Billing Solutions

Clinical Info Solutions’ medical billing services are a complete, one-stop, full-service medical billing solutions. We are one of the top medical billing companies in the USA, offering medical billing, coding, revenue cycle management solutions and medical credentialing. Clinical Info Solutions is here to maximize your collections as much as possible while simultaneously eliminating your financial and human resources headaches, so you and your staff can focus on delivering unsurpassed patient care. We offer innovative medical billing services which are far more efficient and cost-effective than what is standard in the medical billing industry.

According to the Dermatology Times, the average fee for a medical billing service is 8.5% nationwide. However, our fee is well below the national average. We are aware of the aphorism, “you get what you pay for”, but in our case, “less is more”. Because of the efficiencies in our model, we can offer you a lower billing fee, while providing superior service and better collection rate than any other healthcare billing agency. We offer medical billing solutions for physicians, hospitals and behavioral health agencies.

We offer our clients two choices of Medical Billing functionality:

  • We can logon to the client’s server remotely and utilize your software to conduct all medical billing operations. In this model, all the data and documents reside on the client’s server, which gives the client complete control of the billing operation.
  • We can utilize our in-house software to conduct medical billing operations for the client. The client sends us the charges which we enter into our software to create claims. We then use our software to submit claims, follow up and manage accounts receivables. In this case, the data and documents reside on our computers.

Clinical Info Solutions’ superior customer service and vast industry experience become apparent well before our team begins the data-entry and follow-up with insurance companies. As you begin the transition to the Clinical Info Solutions’ medical billing model, your designated account executive will take you through the implementation phase. Your account executive will become fully acquainted with all your needs and most importantly, will act as a liaison between you and the billing team assigned to your account.

While outsourcing medical billing services is not necessarily the right move for everyone, we strongly encourage you to read about our services and call us to learn about how we can help you.