Why should I choose you over other companies?

The best reason for you to choose us is our knowledge of the US healthcare industry. We have a cumulative experience working for US medical billing customers for 15 years now and are thoroughly proficient in medical billing practices. Over the years, we have mastered delivering great quality in record turn around time. If needed, we can even deliver in 12 hours!

What’s more, we have an efficient process flow that will reduce claim denials and increase your medical billing revenue by 20%.

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What quality standards do you follow at Clinical Info Solutions?

We are – HIPAA compliant Trained in regulations related to Medicare, Medicaid, managed care, third party liability, workers compensation, Preferred Provider organizations, indemnity insurers Proficient in CPT, HCPCS, ICD-9 coding Level I, II, III Our quality process involves auditing all the entries to ensure 100% quality.
Patient last name, first name, Patient address, Patient DOB, Social security number, Insurance and guarantor details, Charges entered,Co-payment.

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I am worried about losing my billing information by outsourcing.

You always have control of your billing information, since we remote and use the server at your end your data belongs to you at all times. In fact, with our technology, your data is totally under your control.

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What about my patient’s confidentiality?

All information provided to Clinical Info Solutions is handled with the strictest confidentiality code of conduct.

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Are the claims filed electronically?

All claims will be sent electronically whenever possible. If not, paper claims will be computer generated.

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What kind of follow-up do you do?

Upon receipt of the EOB we will follow up on any denied or rejected claims. In addition, if we have not received an EOB within 45-60 days, we will initiate a follow-up with the insurance company. Any claims that require an appeal will be sent on paper along with a letter of appeal and any required documentation. We work on each claim until it has been paid or a reasonable response for nonpayment has been given. If an appeal needs to be filed, Clinical Info Solutions will file the appeal.

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Do you need to remove patient charts from our office?

Absolutely not. All we require are the following:

  • Patient Information Form
  • Front and back copy of the patient’s insurance card(s)
  • A signed copy of the Superbill/Encounter Form by the Physician which includes CPT and ICD-9 codes

If office notes are required by the insurance company in order to process the claim, we will contact your office and ask for a copy of the office notes for payment purposes.

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Can you handle clients anywhere in the country?

Absolutely. With today’s technology, location is not an issue. We will visit your offices wherever you are located, so that you can get completely comfortable with our services.

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What are your standard support hours?

CIS hours of operation and customer support are 24/7 Monday through Friday.

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Where do insurance payments go?

Payments are sent directly to your Lock box or office. Your money will not be handled by us. We will post payments and follow up on claims once your office sends us copies of the EOB’s.

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Do you provide any financial reports so I know how things are performing?

Absolutely. Clinical Info Solutions provides a number of financial reports. You can request for our list of financial reports.

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What are your charges?

Please call us at 863 232 5062 for our very cost-effective rates. We would also like to inform you that we do not charge any fee for the initial set up of your software and electronic claims clearinghouse. We invest a tremendous amount of time and energy providing these services to you – all of which take place before generating any claims. We will invoice you for services monthly and the amount is due upon receipt of our invoice.

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Why should companies outsource inbound call center services to Clinical Info Solutions?

Clinical Info Solutions has proven themselves invaluable at a time when customer service and support is a key differentiator in a company’s success. In a world of ruthless business competition, survival is the keyword – and this needs a vibrant and dynamic attitude while carrying out business, backed by flawless customer support. It is for this reason that Clinical Info Solutions has made a niche for itself.

It is now possible for a global company to provide added value to its customers without taking the focus off its core business. Utilizing the services of Clinical Info Solutions to add value and customer satisfaction will surely benefit any client.

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What are the services offered by Clinical Info Solutions?

India’s state-of-the-art solutions to global customers seeking 24×7 customer support. Clinical Info Solutions inbound services help a company attain its business objectives. These services cover the gamut from medical billing, scheduling appointments and handling Patient inquires to taking messages and much more.

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What benefits can you get from outsourcing to Clinical Info Solutions?

Clinical Info Solutions can offer:

  • Faster ramp-up, launch, and roll-out of new assignments
  • Experience with programs similar to yours
  • Remote call monitoring
  • Rapid response to market conditions
  • Skilled, professional, customer support representatives
  • Account management expertise
  • Enhanced reporting capabilities
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Quality of people, processes and training

Clinical has a large pool of trained call center agents with experience in the field. Most are college graduates who are comfortable with computers.

There are established best practices in place to maximize returns on your investment and provide measurable results that impact your bottom line.

Agents are given pre-process training which covers familiarization with the client’s systems and processes, accent neutralization and audio- or video-based exposure to the job at hand and the environment in which they will be working.

A structured process is followed for transition management and the client is given access to the voice and data files to ensure 100% transparency and client control.

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