Why Clinical Info Solutions?

  • An end to end service provider with on-shore/offshore capabilities
  • Scalability, Reliability with improved quality
  • Highly Cost Effective Solutions – up to 50% cost reduction
  • Quick response and turnaround times as we are always able to fully staff each and every project
  • 24*7 operations and customer support
  • As the company owner, you focus your time on bringing in new physician accounts and not on hiring, training, and motivating ineffective staff.
  • Our billing experts assist your staff in charge-entry, payment posting and other manual chores while your billing staffs focus on negotiating payments with payers and on improving collections for your physician customers
  • Access to domain expertise team with good experience in outsourcing industry

Reduced Human Resource Costs

  • Eliminate hiring costs
  • Eliminate staff training costs
  • Eliminate employee benefit costs
  • Eliminate payroll taxes
  • Eliminate worker’s compensation costs

Reduced Information Technology Costs

  • Eliminate software purchases/maintenance costs
  • Eliminate hardware upgrade costs

Client Account Management

  • Personalized client services
  • Dedicated Account Representative

Experienced and Well-Trained Employees

  • Initial training of one month followed by consistent quality checks
  • Continuing education and auditing performed

Exceptional Quality

  • Performance measures applied and tracked
  • Accuracy rates tested and maintained

Electronic Claims Processing

  • Claims submitted electronically daily
  • Audit reports received within 24 hours
  • Space used for billing department could be transferred into a revenue-generating examination or treatment room
  • Doctor’s loss of time that could have been spent seeing patient, and is instead spent on billing department

On the other hand if you continue to do it in house…

  • What happens when you grow or when the work begins to pile up because of continuous backlogs?
  • It is time to hire another biller. Take a look at the chart below; this chart details what happens when a practice hires another biller.

When hiring one biller, cost increase tremendously. Workload has not yet seen a big increase, but it will happen over time. Until workload is increased, the biller will be left idle for most of the time and that idle time can be costly. If you take a look at the outsourcing cost line, you will see that with an outsourcing module, cost is smooth as a percentage of revenues.